High quality electric fireplaces made in Germany.
Realistic flame effect. Optional Heating.
Over 40 years of experience.

Easiest Installation: place it, plug it, done!

We supply our electric fireplaces all over Europe: delivery/export/exporting to UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary et cetera) and, of course, Germany. elektrischer-kamin.de - german electric fireplaces website elektrischer-kamin.de

Electric Fireplaces Model Samples:

rustic fireplaces
Electric Fireplace white rustic Granada
electric fireplace
model Granada
Electric Fireplace black rustic Athen
electric fireplace
model Athen
noble electric fireplaces
Electric Corner Fireplace Model
electric corner fireplace
model Premium
Electric Fireplace white noble Marseille
electric fireplace
model Marseille
Electric Fireplace white noble Monte Carlo
electric fireplace
model Monte Carlo
Electric Fireplace white noble Oxford
electric fireplace
model Oxford
modern fireplaces
Electric Fireplace Wall Silver Feeling
electric wall fireplace
model Silver Feeling
Electric Fireplace Wall Silver Stream
electric wall fireplace
model Silver Stream

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